Best Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

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Best Ways to Get More Facebook Likes on Facebook Business Page


Facebook – name of the most popular and used social media or network. It is very hard to find a person who has not heard about it. Millions of internet users are using this social media in every second. If you have a page in Facebook and you want to promote it, then this is an excellent article for you to learn how to promote or get more likes on Facebook.


Here are tips to gain organic fans in Facebook: –

1) Don’t use Hashtags: It is proved that using hashtags in Facebook are leading to less reaction. There two reasons for it. Number one is that is has been a common thing in other social media like Twitter and Instagram because users are started to think that it has been posted automatically from those social media. And the second cause is it shows your post in your network means to friends only not globally.

2) Change Cover Photo: It signifies that you are a cool and wonderful human being when you change your cover photo according with the global or national occasions. This a very simple and cool way what makes your page more attractive. To do this you should make or have a list of global or national important events or days.

3) Use Cool Photos with Posts: When you are posting something on your Facebook page, then you must use related cool photos to make your page more viral. But you must use HD photos also. Though some of pages are having a large number of engagement, likes, comments and reaction with worst or low-quality photos but we are not able to compare ourselves with them because they have audience from all over the world.

4) Keep Posting During Most Traffic Hours: Try to identify when your audiences are using Facebook. To track this, you should explore keep your eyes on your Facebook page when it is getting more likes, comments and shares.

5) Important Information in Photo: When you are posting on your Facebook page with photos, then please use informative texts in your photo so that your audiences can understand that it an important information should know more about it.

6) Engaging: When your audiences are asking you questions, please try to answer them in 1-2 minutes because if you do late, then your audience can miss your answer and may not visit your page in future. So be responsive and active with your fans and followers.

7) Avoid Excessive Editing: You should not use excessive edited photos with your posts. It highly recommended to use basic edited photos because it can signify that you are trying to gain audience too much fast.

8) Use Unique Photos: As we all know there a huge page are using copied and shared photos on their page. I must not suggest you to be one of them but please use unique photos with your status.

9) Start with Your Own Network: When you have opened a very new page, first of all invite your friends to like your page and then try to attract fans from your competitors. When you are getting fans from your competitors, you will get a huge response and sell of your product.

10) Run Contests / Offer / Events: To get more likes you can run promotional offers on your page. Event work a great for this.

To learn more, you can visit how to get genuine Facebook likes fast. Thanks for reading this article.

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