Buying Facebook Likes? It Is Safe for Your Fan Page or Business? Is It Illicit?

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It the most common public worry for purchasing any goods from online is safety and security. It is also not different for buying Facebook likes or fans from any website that appears in Google search result. Today I will be discussing the most common public worries here.


Are These Likes Safe for My Page or Business?

This is the top question. It depends on your choice because if you are buying likes or fans from a website who providing 1000 likes for $2 in an hour, then it is 100% risky for your page or business because when someone tries to bring likes to any fans page, then it needs to work very hard and sometimes it costs for advertisement in communities.


Am I Going to Get My Likes?

As common answer yes, you will get your likes must. So, no worries but I will suggest you not to buy from the seller if you can not trust him. Here it comes another question that will I get all likes I have purchased?

I don’t know about others but if you are buying facebook likes from Fast Social Plan, then you will get all of your likes must because I had purchased 10,000 likes from Fast Social Plan about one year ago and got all likes I paid for and all of my fans are alive on my Facebook page. No one has dropped or disappeared.


Is My Personal Data or Information Safe?

If you are insecure about this, then please read the privacy and policy of that seller website you are visiting before you buy likes from there. If they have well developed privacy and policy, try to understand it and take time take your decision. If possible, check their client’s comments on their social profiles or in Google. If their 90% of clients are saying good, then you can buy from there.

How Will the Seller Use My Personal Information?

If you are interested to know this, then please read “Use of Your Data or Personal Information” or find where they describe this part on their website and try to understand it deeply. But as my experience a good or well reputed company must not sell your information to others until it goes beyond the security issues. But sometimes you will have promotional offer from the seller website. Every seller will do it because they want you to keep buying.

In this case I will highly recommend you to buy from Fast Social Plan because this website never misuse the personal information of it’s customers. You are 100% safe with them.


Are the Likes Valid?

Yes, a good seller will always provide you 100% natural, real, non-drop and valid likes. But as I have told at the beginning of this article, you are buying 1000 likes for $2 in an hour, then no one them are valid or real.


What If I Buy Fake Facebook Likes?

Do you really want to know the answer? If no, then stop reading here but yes then keep reading. Every real Facebook user has opened profile with real information. So, it is very easy for Facebook admin or system to identify the real or fake users. If you fan is getting fake likes continuously, then Facebook system will remove your fan page from its database. This does not mean that it is temporarily but permanently. So, don’t buy fake likes.


What About My Business Reputation?

Your business reputation is 100% safe with genuine fans in Facebook. It will not be smaller but enlarge because when you will have a large number of likes on your fan page, then you customers will start to trust you. So, it will not be a problem with your reputation if you are buying real Facebook likes from a good seller.


Will I get Sued by Facebook?

No, Facebook never sue them who are buying Facebook likes.


Thanks for reading this article and visiting my blog. I hope this article has helped you and I also hope you will keep visiting here.

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