How Can We Create a Poll in Facebook?

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Polls are the best proven way to get more engagement in social media and it can be a successful method to reach more customers. It also shows us a point about thinking of our customers or fans followers. Social media has thought and realized the power of polls and that is why all big social media has included polls option in their system. For example, Facebook polls are very great in all. Today we are going to talk about how to create a poll on Facebook


To create a poll on Facebook you can follow the steps given below: –

  • Visit the page
  • Or you can search with the keyword “Facebook Poll” in Google
  • Put the title of the poll and click on “Next” option
  • Fill the form with questions and possible answers
  • Now click on “Finish” (if you are done) option and you are done

As an example, just imagine your question is “Which team do you think is going to win FIFA World Cup 2019?”

Now you have to add options by “Brazil” or “Argentina” or “Germany” or “French”. Now you have click on “Publish” or “Finish” option and your poll is created.


Facebook Poll Option


Poll on Facebook also allows the creator to take additional steps with it like a location, tagging any event, tagging friends and add photos or videos.


Here is point to be noted that if you are willing to create a poll with more than two options, then you have to create it in a “Group” because Facebook allows it only in groups. To create a poll in a group you have to go to the group and you will see some options at the top saying “Write something here” and one of them will be “Polls”. You will see the poll option after clicking on the three dots. Now you can enter your polls by following the instruction given above.


If you want the users to add their views or options or choice more than one option, then you can do it from “Settings” from the left by unchecking them. You can also schedule you poll from “Schedule”


At the end, polls are very helpful for business owners where you can target a certain special audience or to entertain your fans and followers. It can have much more engagement ratio rates as usually you are getting now. Try it to analyze your fans and followers.


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