How to Check Who Follows Me on Facebook?

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Do you want to know who have followed you on Facebook? As far we have knowledge, by being you friend on Facebook, anyone can be your follower. The peoples who are your follower on Facebook, can check your profile a little extent and know your new action.

Though we have many options in privacy settings on Facebook, but unluckily, the settings to display number of your follower at another area and sometimes users can’t find the settings easily. In this post, we are going to explain you the settings step-by-step.

Turn on or Turn Off Facebook Follower Option

Any Facebook user who send you friend request and when you accept the friend request, then that user automatically becomes your Facebook follower. Though you decline the friend request, the user will still remain as you Facebook follower and they have permission to view, like, comment or react on your public posts.

To turn on or off follower feature from you Facebook profile, you can follower the following steps: –

  • At first enter or login in your Facebook account.
  • Now click or tap (for smart devices) on settings.
  • Now select “Public Shares”
  • Now you can edit who can follow you on Facebook
  • You can also turn off or on Facebook followers feature for your Facebook account by selecting “Only Friends”

What Happens After I turn on the follower system for my Facebook page or Account?

If you turn of following system on Facebook for your Facebook profile or page, then other users can follow you directly when they want and they remain as your Facebook follower until you accept or ignore friend request.

How to Stop A Specific Person to Follow Me on Facebook?

If you don’t want a specific person to follow you on Facebook or keep watching your activities on Facebook, then you can block that user on Facebook because unfriending then will not work on this. This is not possible to stop any user to follow you on Facebook.

How to Make Follower Option Visible or Hidden for Your Facebook Profile or Page Only?

To hide or make visible follower system for your Facebook page or profile you can follow the following steps: –

  • First go to Facebook profile page and select “Friends” from the menu bar at the bottom of your name.
  • Click on “Pen” icon
  • Select the “Edit Privacy” from the pop-up box
  • By selecting from the drop-down menu at the right of the follower option in the dialog box that appears, you can set it as “Public”, if you want anyone to view you followers and you can make it hidden by selecting “Only Me”

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