How to Create Events on Facebook Fan Page? Private and Public Events.

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Events on Facebook is one the best tool of this most popular and biggest social network. It helps to inform our relatives and friends to invite them to any event of our own life. There are two main type of events: –

  • Public events
  • Private events


Public Events: – This kind of events are open for all means anyone can participate in it without invitation.

Private Events: – this only for those people who are invited. Others are not allowed. Sometimes it needs paid entry.


Creating an event on Facebook brings you a chance to publish something or any item on your Facebook page so that you can proclaim about your upcoming event such as concerts, birthday, weeding ceremony or new product launch. Your event item may contain videos, photos, location information, time and date or all other information related with your event.


Facebook event can be used to do marketing for any product, personal event or company startup date. It is a great tool from Facebook to reach to huge audience in a short time.


To create an event on Facebook, first of you must create a fan page in Facebook and you can buy facebook likes for increasing your fan page visibility. If you don’t know about Facebook fan page, then read about fan page and know how to create a fan page on Facebook.

Now go to your fan page and do the following steps: –

  • Click on “Create an Event” which is at the top of your page.
  • Add an event video or photo, then put the name of your event, location, date and time, etc.
  • Now you can click on “Publish” or “Save it in Draft” for later or “Schedule” it.
  • You should remember that all events are hosting by your page, then are public events only.

Editing and adding someone as co-host of event: –

  • Click on “Edit” at top-right corner of the event.
  • Scroll down for options.
  • Now next to add co-host where it is saying “Add Friends”
  • Enter your friend’s and click “Save”

Some important information about events: –

Image: – Facebook is giving a big space to add image of 1920 x 1080 pixels. An excellent and eye-catchy image will bring attention of audiences.

Full filling details: – Please be sure that you have provided all the details of your events and filled the form properly with all important and needed information.

Keep it up-to-date: – If you want to change any information of your event, then update it on Facebook so that your network can be informed with the updates.

Share it: – Keep your sharing in your network and friends. This way you can get a huge attendance on your event.


Use Facebook Event tool perfectly for any personal or public event. Read more about Facebook marketing and how to increase likes for your fan page.

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