How to Delete Any Facebook Fan Page Using Computer and Mobile Device?

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Facebook is the biggest social media network on all over the world with more than a billion of user. Everyday a huge users are creating page in Facebook to promote any business or for personal reason. But on the other hand, a lot of users are deleting their fan page or trying to delete it. But those who want to delete their fan page or business page from Facebook, most of them are unknown about the process to delete any Facebook fan page properly from Facebook. Most of them unpublished the fan page and think it been deleted. But they don’t know that this is not the end. Today in this article we’re going to tell you the exact process to delete any fan page from Facebook. If you are creating a new fan page in Facebook, then you can buy facebook likes for your fan page. Let’s get to the point. The process of deleting any page from Facebook is given below.

One important thing to remember here. You can delete only the pages you own or if you are the admin of the page. You can not delete the pages which are not your or you are not the admin.

Delete Facebook Fan Page from Computer

To delete fan page from Facebook, follow the steps are given below: –

• Go to your page
• Click on “Settings”
• Scroll down a bit if needed
• Click on “Remove Page”
• Now you will see “Delete Your Example Page Name”
• Sometimes you may get a pop-up saying “Are you sure to delete this page” or something like asking for confirmation
• Now you page will remain “UN-published” or “Hold” for 14 days
• After 14 day you must follow the process from starting and now you can delete your fan page permanently.

Delete Facebook Fan Page from Mobile Device

You can delete your fan page by using both of computer and mobile. At first of this article we have discussed about how to delete a fan page from Facebook. Now we are going to tell you how you can delete you fan page by using mobile or any smart device. The process is very same but a little difference. Just follow the steps given below: –
• Go your page you want to delete
• Now click on “General”
• And select “Delete Page”
• Now it will remain “On Hold” for 14 days
• After 14 days you can delete the page permanently

I Am Seeing Error When I Am Trying to Delete My Fan Page. What Can I Do?

You may face some issue to delete your fan page. You shouldn’t be worry about it because it may be a problem of your internet connection or from Facebook server. But if it says that “You don’t have permission to delete this page” then you are not the admin of that page or not own the page.

How Can I Download Data of My Facebook Fan Page?

Before you delete your Facebook fan page, you should download all the data of you Facebook fan page. You should not think that you’ll not need it. But it may be important in future. Just follow the steps to download data from you Facebook fan page: –

• Go to you Facebook page’s general setting
• Select “Download” button
• Click “Create File”
• It will be ready within 4 days
• After it getting ready you can download it

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