How to Get 100% Real Active Non Drop Facebook Likes on Your Facebook Page?

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It is a very common question of those who buys or want to buy Facebook likes or fans for Facebook page that “if I buy facebook likes, would I get real Facebook likes?”. In this article we I will be answering this question.

If you are searching in Google by keyword “buy facebook likes” or “buy fb fans”, you will get a large number of websites or online stores where you can buy Facebook likes in cheap. But are they selling genuine Facebook likes or fans? To get real Facebook likes you need to be careful about some important matters. Let’s check all the matters you need to be careful to get real fb likes or fans_


  • Price: – If you are on a fb likes seller website, then first have a look on the price of that website. If you are getting 1000 fb likes for $2, then you should stop from buying from that website because genuine fb likes never come for 10 munities marketing. If someone tries to get 1000 fb likes, he must do marketing in Facebook for 1-2 days. Sometimes it needs to do marketing in others social networks. So, it not possible to work for 1-2 days and get $2 salary.


  • Delivery Time: – Before you are buying from a fake likes seller website, please have a look on their delivery time. It is 2 hours to complete 1000 Facebook likes? Then I must say you are about to buy fake likes because an actual marketing can not bring 1000 fans in two hours, it takes minimum 2-3 days


  • Portfolios: – You need to check their portfolios also. If you visit some of their customer’s fan page, then try to explore are their fans are liking, commenting or reacting on page’s status or post? If no activity, then it confirms that they are not selling genuine Facebook likes. They are cheating their customers.


  • Support: – Are they providing support for lifetime? I don’t think they are doing this as like as Active Social Plan and here is makes sure that you are going to be cheated by someone who will eat your money but will no provide you the accurate service you are expecting against your money.


  • Reviews: – Please check their social profile’s and website reviews. What their clients say about them? It must not be good comments and ratings. So please stop to buy Facebook Likes from there and don’t waste your money.


  • Profiles: – If you have bought fans from any website, please check the quality of fans. Do they have profile photo? Are they coming in Facebook and posting on a regular basis? If no, then you have bought fake likes and number of fans are going down day by day. So, it seems that your fans are disappearing because Facebook administrations are deleting the fake profiles.


So now a question has come in your mind that “Where is the best place to buy genuine Facebook likes?”. Am I right? To get or buy genuine fb fans and followers you can visit Active Social Plan. We are providing lifetime warranty for all of our service and unfortunately our service drops, we must replace them free of charges.

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