How to Get Back or Recover Hacked Facebook Account?

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Facebook is the most popular social network all over the world. And this is one of the best causes it has become a place for hackers to make suffer its users. Hackers tries to hack others account and make other users suffer. Sometimes hackers steal Facebook user’s account and ask for money.


Today, we are going to talk about how can you get back or receive your stolen Facebook account. It is most embarrassing thing that happens on Facebook. To keep your Facebook account safe and secure you can take following steps: –


  • Make the email invisible for other users and your friends. Keep it “only Me”
  • Make your password very strong such as mix it with lower case, upper care, symbol and numeric numbers.
  • You can define a phone number for your Facebook account and turn one 2-step verification.
  • Keep your password long or something special but not very common such as date of birth, mobile number, your name etc.


When someone tries to login in your Facebook with wrong details or credentials, Facebook system sends you an email notification about it. We are going to show you some steps to get back or recover your stolen Facebook account.

If you account credentials are shared or hacked, it means someone else is logged in your Facebook account without your permission. Here are some questions: –


  • Is it possible to get back a hacked Facebook account?

Answer: – Yes, it is possible to get your hacked Facebook account back because we are sure that you still have access of your email address that you had used to create your Facebook profile.


  • Why Facebook account get hacked?


Answer: – None can tell the exact cause of it. But hackers do it for earning money or personal ego. They want to show that they are number 1.


If the email address you used to create your Facebook profile has not been changed, then you can follow the steps given below: –


  • First go to the Facebook login page and click on “Forgot Password”.
  • Or another way you can go on
  • Enter your email address or phone number, last name or user name so that Facebook can find your account, now click on “search”
  • After Facebook recognize your account, it will ask you to send a code to your email or phone.
  • Now enter the code and go to net page.
  • How you have to enter a new password and Facebook system will ask to stay logged in.


You are done and got your stolen Facebook account back.


What should I do if email address, phone number is changed and I have no access in it?

When someone else stole your Facebook account, just don’t change the password only but also other details such as email address, phone number is also get changed. In this situation, you can follow the following steps to recover your account: –

  • Go to Facebook login page and click on “Forgot password”
  • Fill the form with your Facebook profile information and click on it.
  • If nothing found then you may check
  • Now click on “’You no longer have access to this?’’ button
  • Now Facebook will send you an option called “Extended Recovery Option” and if you are using for a long time means if you are a very old use, then Facebook will ask you some questions to answer.


I am a new Facebook user and my account is hacked. What can I do now?

  • If you are not an old user of Facebook, then you can choose someone from your very close Facebook user friend as “Trusted Contact”
  • Now if you are trying to recover your stolen Facebook account, it will send you trusted contact option.
  • You must put a new email address or phone number that you have access right now.
  • You have to click on “Reveal My Trusted Contacts” and write a name of your trusted contact
  • Now Facebook will give you a very special link with a security code which is accessible by your trusted contacts only
  • You have to send the link to your trusted contact so that he / she can tell you the code and you will get you hacked Facebook account back.


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