Secret 7 Tricks to Get More YouTube Views

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I am going to show now that how can rank your YouTube video and get More YouTube views. So now you will be ready because this article I should be going to all ultimate guide shares all YouTube SEO with you about which I know and you must have to know this necessary idea: –


Step #1. Find “Choose your perfect video keyword”

If you want to make your video perfect optimize so you have to select your good keyword for your video ranking. The keyword is most important factor for your video optimize. For selecting your good keyword, you can get an idea from google keyword planar, ubersuggest and more tools. you will get more keyword research tools on the web


How to find YouTube video keywords on YouTube?

YouTube search box is one of the best places for finding your best keyword. Just try now. When you do some search on YouTube, It will show you a lot of more advanced keyword. You can take your keyword idea there. So find out more keyword with the long tail.


Step #2. Optimize your video title

Titles?  This is a most important factor of your YouTube SEO video ranking. Because whenever anything searches on any visitor YouTube first is the visitor’s eye title of any video. And if your visitors to read the title I’d love to if he clicks on it.

So write the attractive and relevant title for include of your video.

People love to learn on the web. If you will interest to leering YouTube channel you can make how type video and make your title like how can get YouTube views, where to buy youtube views and how can optimize your YouTube video.


Step #1. Make video description

YouTube video description is very important.

Google cannot read your video. She can read your text. So write your text information for the Google search engine. Include your keywords in your information. Follow these steps –

  1. The first description have your website link out it will help bring traffic to your website and I will give you good CTR.
  2. Include your Keyword at least within 25 Word.
  3. Your description needs to make minimum 300 words.
  4. Use your keywords 3-4 times.

This SEO-Optimization Description will help Google convince YouTube Have I got your video actually the


Step #4. YouTube video tags

Tags important to be seen not to Tags important to provide video Rank.

When do you upload videos so you can use the tags.

You can use a related tag for your video.

If Example your video “get YouTube views” are related so you can do something like this. get Tag like

Youtube SEO optimization, SEO youtube video, youtube search engine, youtube video SEO, rank your YouTube videos.

Targeted tags just will rank your video, I see the video on youtube but also when help to see a sidebar area.


Step #5. Change video file name Before Upload

This is a very important thing that we forget all

Whenever you create any video you his name change is not the name of your video is something like this m00000.avi, video.232.mp4.

Which is negative SEO do so for your video? Whenever you make a video of the name of the file before uploading change your video name and include your targeted keyword.


Step #6. Share your video on all Social Media Platform

Social signal is the fast YouTube SEO formula is your video search engine and only the video to not just social signal 100% work to the best way for your website.

You must share there can stock up on as place your video

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumbler, Stumbleupon, Reddit

Add video to your blog

You can find the code to embed your video on your blog.

If substantial traffic to your blog and video on your post so visitors to your site and they will only view of your blog on your video will be good will your views increase and rate your income/bounce.

Step #7. Add comment + Like + Backlinks

Whenever you upload a new video to let you speak to friends of him to like and comment on your video |

It would be a little too views increases your video. and while Google’s see the logo of the video to like and comment is also Google’s eye, I made a value of your video.

Any user will automatically comment on your video when if your video is good.

As you do link building on your blog so you have this optional on can link- building your video because the matter is you no need to do it is communicated so many Tips

This offer was 7 awesome tips, YouTube SEO tips and Trick in here of these all steps follow the good that up so you can get more YouTube views fast and increase your impressions on video.

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