Why Facebook May Ban or Disable Your Profile and How to Solve It?

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Facebook is getting strict day by day about the contents publishing and profiles are creating on Facebook. They have own Community standards. Today we’ll tell you some reasons why you may get banned from Facebook and your profile may disabled.

When Facebook was started first time, it wasn’t known by too many peoples such as today it is. Then day by day, it has received attention from peoples and all over the world peoples have started to use Facebook for having fun. They had enjoyed and started to invite their friends, started to build their own network.

Its features were very user friendly and got popularity in very short time. Now-a-days Facebook is known as the biggest social media network with its billions of users. Its users are doing many activities in it like sharing posts, photos, liking others status, commenting and reacting. Many users spend a lot of time by using Facebook. Now-a-day s companies have started to create profile and page with their brand name, trying to marketing what is called social media marketing. Sometimes companies are trying to buy Facebook likes in order to increase their fans and followers.

Why Your Profile Gets Banned or Disabled?

Facebook have a big list of cause to ban or disable profile. Such as Facebook never allows any threats or calls that violates their community standards. Fake profiles are also not allowed on Facebook. The list is given below: –

  • Terrorist activities
  • Organized hates
  • Serial Killing
  • Human Trafficking
  • Adult contents
  • Spamming
  • Private information
  • Any kinds of information that hates each other

If you are sharing information that includes or fall in above then your profile will be banned from Facebook and you will not able to resume that profile. If you think Facebook has banned or disabled your profile by mistake then fill the form of their support and tell your problem. Tell them why you should resume your profile again. Ins this case Facebook may ask you to complete identity verification and you have to complete that.

So, try to use Facebook safely and don’t share any information that follow the list of the above. Keep in mind that Facebook has a team to detect unusual contents and the team is motoring you and your activities. If you are doing this kind of stuff then it may be cause of getting arrested for cybercrime.

If you are spammer then, it is also a big cause for getting banned from Facebook because Facebook wants to keep their network spam free and only real users. So, use Facebook wisely and sweetly. You will never have any problems with it. So dear readers happy Facebooking and virtual life. Enjoy Facebook and stay connected with your friends and relatives. If you don’t know must about Facebook privacy and policy, terms and conditions, community standers, then read carefully before you start using Facebook. Enjoy Facebook. Thanks for reading and visiting our blog.

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