Why I should not work in or run away from Upwork?

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Upwork (formerly ODesk) is one of the most popular freelancing marketplace since 2006. But day by day it has grown up to the top of popularity and now-a-days it’s popularity going down. Today I’ll share my experience and all of you would know why I want to call it instead of


1) Profile approving system

2) Application hiding filter

3) Corrupted management team

4) Stupid risk management team

5) Clients are romantic

6) Low quality server

7) Clients use it for dating

8) A buggy software for skill test


Let’s talk about the points of above________


1) Profile approving system: – Before January 2016, anyone could open profile and work in Upwork but from now anyone can open a profile but can’t work in Upwork till Upwork risk management team approve the profile. Recently they are asking to buy paid membership to get your profile approved. I want to ask that who are you to decide about my skills are qualifications?


2) Application hiding filter: – Upwork has launched a filter system called “Hide Application”. By this filter they are hiding the job applications from those freelancers who are not perfect for that job. But my point is that client posts job and client will decide who is perfect. A robot can’t decide the perfect freelancer. By this stupid filter I had close my profile what was 3000 hours worked. Not only me but also a lot of freelancer left Upwork for this stupid filter.


3) Corrupted management team: – Upwork has recruited a lot of stupid people as the business developer, country manager, mobilizer and so on. In 2016, I had met a business developer (ex-country manager of Bangladesh) Saidur Manum Khan. I had showed him an unapproved profile to know that why then profile has not approved and how to make an ideal profile in Upwork. He observed the profile for sometimes (max 1 minute)  and said there are some grammatical mistake in the overview. The I asked him to correct them (I was 100% confident that there was no error) and he asked me to correct them myself so that I could be perfect. Then I judged the profile by a native English speaker who live in USA. He certified that there is no grammatical mistake in the overview. Then I back to Saidur Manum Khan and asked the same question and after observing for some time he replied me the same as the past one. It proofs that Saidur Manum Khan don’t know why the profile has not been approved. He always says that he was a freelancer but I will say no, never, he was not freelancer. His profile has made for showoff only.


4) Stupid risk management team: – Since I am working in Upwork, one day one client hired me to collect high resolution photos from Wikipedia. I collected him 1080px X 1000px but when I submitted the photos he denied and filled a dispute to Upwork. After reviewing the photos, Upworl risk management team talked for the client. My question is that 1080px X 1000px is not high resolution?


5) Clients are romantic: – Me and one of my close relative opened two profile in Upwork. I opened the profile with correct details and my relative opened profile as a girl with fake details. After some days, when I checked his profile, I have seen the completed 7 job where I had done only 2 jobs. But my relative was complete unskilled and he only knew to play music on laptop.


6) Low quality server: – Very often Upwork’s server goes down because of heavy traffic but I know they don’t have traffic more than Facebook or Google. Facebook or Google never go down but Upwork goes down every week.


7) Clients use it for dating: – Always clients post jobs but 95% of clients are not hiring any freelancer for their projects. After posting a job most of client go to moon with girlfriend for a picnic. You can apply 30 job but I am sure that ½ will reply back.


8) A buggy software for skill test: – One of my friend and me was taking internet marketing skill test at the same time from two different computers and we have checked out the same answer for the same questions. But after finishing the test my friend’s score was below average and mine was top 10%.


This is why I want to call instead of

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